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This is an immune booster made from plant material known for being effective medicine.  We’ll use a 3-part mix of three plants – Oregano, Turmeric, and Guava (You can substitute Guava for another fruit in the West – we use it because it is high in Vitamin C while not having the acidity of citrus fruits).  Look for other plants high in vitamin C if you need – rose hip(fruit of rose), green chili pepper, red pepper, parsley, kiwi, broccoli to name a few.  A lot of the green leafy vegetables are high in vitamin C and in antioxidants.  You can ferment any plant, making your own concoction as you see fit.  Have fun, play around, experiment experiment experiment…

How to Make:


This is made the same way as the Ginger-Garlic Extract.  Instead of using ginger and garlic we’ll use a combination of plants known for their disease fighting properties.

  1. Get an equal amount of Oregano, Turmeric, and Guava, but keep them separate.  As a rule of thumb, we try to ferment each material separately as you do not know if there is interaction when mixed.  Once materials are fermented they are much more stable and compatible.

  2. Put in container and fill with beer or wine until it is covered.  Leave for 12-24hrs.

  3. Add 1/3 sugar(crude sugar is best).  E.g. if you have 1L worth of oregano, turmeric, or guava soaking in beer/wine, you would add 1/3kg sugar.

  4. Ferment this for 7-10 days.  Longer the better.

  5. After that time, add alcohol to arrest the fermentation process.  Use at least 40%, or 80 proof. Use at least equal part alcohol. For example if you have 1L of fermenting mixture, add 1L alcohol.

  6. Leave this mixture for 10 days.  This allows the extraction process to take place, where the beneficial ingredients of the ingredients are extracted with the alcohol.

  7. After 10 days drain the fluid from this concoction.   Now you’ve made Immuboost!


TIP:  Potency depends on the part of the plant you use.  Generally, seeds have the greatest potency, then fruit, leaf, roots, and stems in that order.

How to Use:


Add 1tbsp per gallon of water. 



  • Used as an additive to feedwater, this is a good health concoction for plants

  • As a foliar spray, many insects avoid treated plants due to the taste residue from this treatment


  • Used in animal feedwater, this is a great preventative treatment for sickness (high Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, etc)

  • Use in crowded settings to prevent sickness

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