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It is easy to make your own natural Neem extract.  Use the green leaves, seeds, fruit of the Neem tree and ferment just like you would to make the Ginger-Garlic or Immuboost extracts.

But many people don’t have Neem trees in their backyard.  Luckily this is easily overcome.  Go for a walk in your backyard or around your neighborhood.  Look for areas where there are pests, but certain plants remain pest-free.  Chances are good that if you ferment these plants’ leaves, you can make your own pest deterrent.

Also think about what you can buy from the store that will drive insects away (besides pesticide obviously).  Cayenne and chili peppers are hot.  Something bitter like Bitter Gourd discourages browsers also. 


Herbs that are aromatic have the tendency to discourage pests also.  Try a combination of all these, test, change the recipe, have fun with it!

This demonstrates a basic lesson of natural farming.  Nature usually has solutions if you know how to look.  Observe natural phenomena and learn from them. 


Have fun, experiment, and enjoy the journey!

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