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Want to learn more about Biodynamics?  Great FREE resource from the Oregon Biodynamic Group

Class 1. Introduction and history
What is different about BD?
Fundamentals of Organic Farming: soil structure and microbiology
Atmospheric factors: light and warmth

Class 2. Dynamic Growth — the BD difference
Growth gestures of plants
Polarity of natural forces

Class 3. Ripening and Change
Growth and Maturity,Cosmic Influences
Lunar cycles, zodiac cycles


Class 4. The BD Materials
Field sprays, Compost preparations
Other applications: teas, tree paste
Compost: ingredients, process

Class 5. Ecosystem Management
Companion plants/ ecosystem management
Cover crops, Integrating Animals, Pest management

Class 6. Gardening Actions, Bed preparation, Gardening calendar
Harvest: food storage and preparation, seed saving
Dealing with pests (weeds, insects, slugs)
Recommendations for specific vegetables

Class 7. Examples from Winter Green Farm
The farm organism and fertility recycling
Compost preparation and application
Community education and involvement
Questions from the group

Planetary Processes in the Preparations

Form Gestures of Animals 

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