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Hi everyone,

Oregon BD is hoping to increase the amount of preps we make this year.  You can help by harvesting dandelions this spring, and saving them to bring to one of our quarterly meetings.  Any amount you can contribute is much appreciated!


This Saturday and Sunday (April 20th and 21st) are flower days and the dandelions are coming on!  


**Attached is a Dandelion Harvesting guide to help with identification and steps to the process.

Dandelion Picking Time

Pick in the morning just as the blossoms are opening, on a non-rainy day.  Choose flowers that have the “bullseye pattern” rather than one’s with a fuzzier center.  These are younger flowers and less likely to go to seed while drying.  Pick on days that are not “blacked” out on the calendar, ideally Flower days. 

Air dry in a warm place out of direct sunlight.  Pick out those that have fluffed into seed.  Store remaining flowers in a canning jar or plastic bag to prevent moisture infiltration.  Please mark the dates that you harvest your dandelions. 


<-----  Click to Download PDF about harvesting Dandelions for Biodynamic Preparations 
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